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Are you thinking about putting on camouflage or face painting the colors of your team at their next event? If there’s any chance of your getting hot or sweaty, you will find any water-based face paint will smear and run pretty quickly. But grease face makeup will last as long as you need it to, so long as you put it on correctly.

What do you need besides grease face paints? A sponge, a powder brush and fine brushes or Q-tips are all useful. You also need cleansers (cold cream, baby shampoo or cleansers sold by the same companies that make the grease paints will all do) and clean cloth towels or paper towels. If the facepaint does not come with a setting powder in it, you will also need that too. (Baby powder or talcum can also work, although some people have allergies to talc.) Whatever you do, give this a run through before your actual event to be sure you have everything you need – and to check whether you have any allergies to the products.

Here’s how to put on grease face paint. You need to have completely clean skin, using a toner if necessary and men may need a shave. Put on an old button-down shirt and clip your hair off your face. Also before you start you may want to apply a very light, oil-free moisturizer onto your now dry skin.

In general, you work with the lighter colors first, then darker, ending with black. Be careful not to layer the colors or apply them too thickly, because they will likely later run. If you do have too much paint in a spot, use your fingers to smooth it out.

If the grease face paint is clumpy, it may be too cold. Try sticking a little dab of color in your palm for a minute to warm it up slightly. After you apply each color, you need to gently pat or tap it into your skin using clean fingers. This helps fix the paint for the powder setting, which you can do either after you have finished your whole face, or after each color is applied.

To set your face paint, you can use a powder brush to gently apply powder. But because a brush can sometimes smear the paint, some people use the ‘powder sock’ trick to apply the powder. Simply fill a clean tube sock about a quarter full of powder, tie it, and then gently dab your face. After letting the powder sit for about thirty seconds, use the powder brush to gently remove any excess. If you have enough powder on, your face should look matte and not feel sticky. At this point the grease face paint will be pretty smudge-proof. Q-tips dipped in baby oil can correct small mistakes – but be careful not to smear areas nearby. Q tips are also good for any small-scale painting you want, or you can use grease pencils.

Now for the final part. Give a once over light dusting of powder to be sure you’ve covered everything. If you have a water mister or damp towel you can remove the excess powder. But remember when it’s hot outside that extra powder might help soak up the sweat. Should there be any grease face makeup on your eyelashes, mascara can cover it. You are now done with the painting, but try to stay in doors for half an hour or so to let it settle.

The most basic face design will require a minimum of black and white grease paint, but you may want to use more colors. The most reliable, high-quality and good value grease facepaint manufacturers include Kyrolan, ProFace, and Graftobian. They also also make setting powders, sweat-blockers and cleansers.

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